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News and Events - 2008/2009
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Jan. - Jun. 2008
Brescia, Alicante, Rzeszow, Wroclaw
29 students in the Master on Euroregional Studies will attend training periods
26 - 28 Feb. 2008
Seminar on workpackage "Towards core curricula, interdisciplinary and transnational approaches" organised under the SENT (Network of European Studies) project (coordinator: University Tor Vergata, Rome)
Mar. 2008
Publication of the 5th issue of Eurolimes : “Europe's Religious Borders”
3 - 7 Mar. 2008
Conferences delivered by PhD. Angelo Santagostino, University of Brescia
10 Mar. 2008
Conference delivered by PhD. Istvan Suli-Zakar, University of Debrecen
11 - 13 Mar. 2008
Conference delivered by PhD. Ioan Horga at the University of Rzeszow
17 Mar. 2008
Conference of the Ambassador of Italy to Romania
25 - 30 Apr. 2008
Field application of the students in International Relations and European Studies
8-11 May 2008
Frontierele spatiului romanesc in context european
8 - 9 May 2008
Celebration of the Day of Europe
14 - 15 May 2008
Satu Mare, Uzhgorod
Seminar on "Cross-border Cooperation at the Romanian - Hungarian - Ukrainian Border"
18 - 20 May 2008
Conferences delivered by PhD. Stanislaw Sagan, University of Rzeszow
19 - 22 May 2008
Conferences delivered by PhD. Maria Manuela Tavares Ribeiro, University of Coimbra
May 2008
Publication of the 6th issue of Eurolimes: “Borders' Economic Dimension”
05 - 11 Jun. 2008

Oradea, Debrecen

The European Parliament, interculturalDialogue and European Neighbourhood Policy
22 - 29 Jun. 2008
Semester meeting of the Siena Group
15 - 26 Jul. 2008
Oradea, Targu Mures, Sibiu, Alba Iulia, Stana de Vale
Summer School on “Applications of Intercultural Dialogue” 6th edition
15-16 September 2008
First T-System Regional Conference (IERS as guest)
1-3 October 2008
Meeting of the Siena Network
10 October 2008
Release of the Phare CBC project on “Legal Status of the Romanian – Hungarian Cross-border Cooperation. European Models” of the Forum Foundation in partnership with IERS
13 October 2008
Release of the Master’s degree in Euroregional Studies and Cross-border Relations with 3 grantees of the Jean Monnet Action (Azerbaijan, Georgia and Ukraine)
14-15 October 2008
International Conference on “Media and European Diversity”
22-23 October 2008
IERS attended the annual meeting of the “Jean Monnet” Centres of Excellence
9-10 November 2008
Neighbours and parteners: on the two sides of the border

14-26 November 2008


Course on “Economies in Transition” at the Master in “Specialists in Political, Legal and Economic Issues of Integration and Neighbourhood Policy” – Ioan Horga Course on  “Media and Regional Development” at the Master in “European Journalism”

28 November 2008
Release of the book on “Romanian Border Area in the European Context” issued under the auspices of IERS and edited by Sorin Sipos, Mircea Brie, Florin Sfrengeu and Ion Gumenai
November 2008
Release of the 6th volume of Eurolimes
December 2008
Release of the volume “European Parliament, Intercultural Dialogue and European Neighbourhood Policy”, edited by Ioan Horga, Grigore Silasi, Istvan Suli-Zakar, Stanislaw Sagan
29-31 January 2009
Preparatory meeting of the ACRU annual meeting
30 January 2009
Submitting three projects under the Romania – Hungary Cooperation Programme (IERS applicant and partner)
2-4 April 2009
Biannual meeting of the Siena Network
April 2009
Publication of the 7th volume of Eurolimes
6-9 May 2009
The International Congress Ideas for Europe
7-9 May 2009
Youth European Days
27-29 May 2009
Meeting of the 7 – 10 groups of the SENT Network[Program] | [ img] | [img]
4-11 June 2009

European Parliament to Campus for Intercultural Dialogue and the European Neighbourhood Policy in the Carpathian Area [Program]

17-19 June 2009
T-System Regional Conference in partnership with IERS Biannual IERS meeting

7-8September 2009


Prof. Ioan Horga PhD Participation on the Conference „20 years of the „Jean Monnet” Action”

17-18 September 2009


Closing Conference of the Phare CBC Project „Legal Status of Romanian - Hungarian Crossborder Cooperation. European Models”

4-6 October 2009

Glasgow, Edinbourg

Visit at the Center of Eastern and Russian Studies (University of Glasgow) and European Institute (University of Edinbourg)

15 October 2009


Official launch of 2 ISER’s masters: European Security and Regional Development and Institutional Communication. The inaugural conference for the second Master: Master in Euro-regional Studies and Cross-Border Cooperation

21-23 October 2009
ISER co-organizer of the Conference „20 Years After: Identity, Citoienity & Democracy” (link la situl conferintei/programul conferintei)
2-6 November 2009
Ioan Horga deliver the Course on “Central, Eastern European Countries in Transition” at the Master in “Specialists in Political, Legal and Economic Issues of Integration and Neighbourhood Policy” & the Course on  “Media and Regional Development” at the Master in “European Journalism” in University of Reims Champagne Ardenne

9 November 2009

Committee of Regions: Meeting for selection of proposed doctoral thesis to be awarded for 2009
26-28 noiembrie 2009
Politici imperiale in Estul si Vestul spatiului romanesc [circulara]
28 November 2009
Limassol / Cyprus
IERS partner in the Conference “European Integration and Policy making”

7-8 December 2009

ISER semester Conference “Cross-border Partnership With The Special Regard to the Romainian-Hungarian-Ukrainian Tripartite Border”[Program]
December 2009
Publishing  Eurolimes volume 8
7-28 December 2009 Oradea & Debrecen IERS participate in public consultation on the „CoR on the White Paper on the Multilevel Governance”


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